About us
Based in Cumbria in the centre of the United Kingdom, Krypton TV is deploying solutions for the convergence of TV and broadband that will work anywhere. Using the latest technologies that overcome the digital divide, Krypton TV is aleady providing services to remote areas of the UK that would not be out of place in major cities.

Krypton TV is launching new products and business models designed for ground breaking new services such as hyper local HD TV using super fast broadband connections as well as supporting complex commercial and multi-dwelling unit installations.

The products and services developed by Krypton TV are suitable not just for the UK. The experience of Krypton TV comes from years of developing TV, broadband and telecommunications services for many parts of the world.

Krypton TV is working with industry leading companies and research institutions to ensure the very best service and the highest quality media delivery.

"The future of TV is the internet - The future of the internet is TV"